Children in Bushey are being taught to accept people without prejudice by an inspirational teacher this week.

You would be forgiven for having misconceptions about a man whose six-foot frame is covered in tattoos, who changed his name to “The Scary Guy” by deed poll and is banned in two US states.

But not judging people by their looks is exactly what his talk at Bushey Manor School yesterday was about.

Scary Guy describes his mission as “the total elimination of hate, violence and prejudice worldwide” and is appearing as part of anti-bullying week this week.

He spent 45 minutes with each year group yesterday, teaching the children the effects of negative words and name calling.

He said: “Everything that comes out of your mouth is a reflection of you. Your body is a container, it doesn't matter what shape or size or colour the container is, it still has the same capacity to love and understand.

“You guys are the future, one of you might be an MP, one of you might even be the Prime Minister.”

Volunteers were brought to the front of the class to read out each of the seven pledges, which included not using drugs or making up names for people.

Harry Grieter, nine, said: “I was really good, I learned you should never judge people by how they look.

"He looked really scary at first and I didn't want to talk to him but then I realised he was a nice person.”

Scary Guy's visit was arranged by The Bushey, Aldenham & Radlett Extended Schools Consortium, whose Social Well Being Project started last month.

Fozia Ahmad, extended schools co-ordinator, said: “The Scary Guy visits each of the schools covering issues like bullying and prejudice and how to respect each other.

“Parents will be invited to a session at Queens' school on Thursday from 6pm to 7pm where they will get the opportunity to meet Scary and learn about the project.”

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