PEOPLE living in north Watford have won the latest battle in a long-running waste site war after plans to extend operating hours were thrown out.

Applications to increase the number of lorries using the controversial waste transfer station off Colne Way in Watford were also rejected after more than 240 letters of complaint were received.

Objectors' claims that pollution was already making their lives intolerable were backed by the findings of environmental health officers, which revealed ongoing problems with dust and noise.

If accepted the proposed variation of planning conditions would have allowed HGVs in and out of yard up to 200 times per day, which equates to one journey through the residential area every two and three quarter minutes. This would further infringe residents' human rights, council officers said.

County councillors last week backed the recommendations of Watford council's planning and licensing committee when they blocked what residents described as an attempt to water down the only safeguards protecting their quality of life.

They gave conditional permission for Watford Property Management Ltd to extend a canopy to store materials but said that levels of noise would be monitored before it was built.

Speaking on behalf of three residents associations Mr Peter Sweeting told Watford councillors on Monday, February 4, the applications had been a source of "great concern".