IN The Watford Observer, April 12, we published a picture supplied by Mr George Reid, The Brow, Garston, asking who the young boy in the photograph at The Plaza cinema, St Albans Road is. MRS ANN SIMPSON, of The Meridan Estate, Garston, has the answer.

It is my husband, Gordon Simpson. He is the young fellow sitting there. He was 14 then not 16 as the people thought.

When my daughter saw the photograph in the paper she could not believe it. She is 42 and because we have got the original photo she knew it was her dad.

We are interested after all this time why he wants to know where Gordon is. It is very confusing. My husband is 76 now and does not remember working with someone called George, but we would love to find out what they want.

He was at the cinema for about a year. In those days you did not stay anywhere very long. You used to go from one job to another.

He went to Path in London and then went on to do lorry-driving, the same as his father did, and joined him there in Watford.

It was a shame he gave up the film business really because he could of ended up at ITV, but he said he did not like the sucking up a lot of them did to get on.

June 21, 2002 11:30