OWNERS of large cars, people carriers and 4x4s will not be targeted by East Herts Council car park inspectors, despite a change in the rules stating that vehicles weighing more than 1,525kg can be given on-the-spot fines if found to be causing inconvenience to other car park users.

The Parking Places Consolidation Order 2002 is aimed at preventing larger commercial vehicles causing difficulty to other drivers by taking up a full car parking space.

However, because the size and weight of private vehicles has increased over the years the council is now to consider alternative ways of enforcing this restriction.

Environment executive councillor Nigel Poulton said: "While the information is gathered, discretion will be applied in car parks, ensuring only vehicles that cause inconvenience to other car park users will be targeted.

"Owners of large private vehicles who park within the bay have nothing to fear from these changes."

June 21, 2002 16:00