DOLPHINA GYMNASTICS CLUB held their annual Club Competition at Watford Leisure Centre, Horeshoe Lane on Saturday, June 15, with almost 50 girls competing for medals in both individual and overall age-group events.

As well as competition though, the senior squad performed a specially choreographed display before displaying their skills on the trampet.

Since the club's formation in 1991, more than ten years ago by Karen Graves, Dolphina has more than tripled in size and now possess four British Gymnastic Association club coaches, six assistant coaches and their own regional level judge.

The squad girls compete at county and regional level and the club have current county and regional champions.

The expansion has also meant that the squad has had to purchase new equipment, and while Dolphina recently took charge of a new vaulting table, continuous efforts are made in a bid to raise funds.

Dolphina Gymnastics Club run a development squad taking girls from age four. Trials are held on a quarterly basis and for more information, and to join the waiting list, please contact our club secretary, Denise Rees on 01923 679472.

Development Squad medal winners: Five years and under: Molly Denham; Roisin Kelly; Megan Thornton; Amy Trinstram-Walmsley. Sixseven years: Laura Bell; Shannon Campbell; Jessica George; Ciara Murphy; Jane Young. Seven years plus: Ella Higgins; Ella Stevens; Molly Thornton; Ella Stevens; Becky White.

Espoir Squad: Vault: 1, Hannah Green; 2, Hayley Morgan; 3, Alice Denham. Floor: 1, Rachel South; 2, Megan Holmes; 3, Alice Taylor. Beam: 1, Alice Taylor; 2, Hayley Morgan; 3, Hannah Green. Bars: 1, Rachel South; 2, Hayley Morgan; 3, Alice Taylor. Overall: 1, Alice Taylor; 2, Hayley Morgan; 3, Rachel South.

Level Six : Seven to eight years: Vault: 1, Lydia Heins; 2, Amy Fife; 3, Abigail Graves. Floor: 1, Abigail Graves; 2, Francesca Clay; 3, Lydia Heins. Beam: 1, Emily Denham; 2, Amy Fife; 3, Lydia Heins. Bars: 1, Amy Fife; 2, Hannah Earnshaw; 3, Lydia Heins. Overall: 1, Amy Fife; 2, Lydia Heins; 3, Emily Denham. Nine years plus: Vault: 1, Charlotte Clay; 2, Charlotte Hows; 3, Becky Evans. Floor: 1, Amy Murphy; 2, Shannon Douglas; 3, Charlotte Clay. Beam: 1, Charlotte Clay; 2, Charlotte Hows; 3, Amy Thwaites. Bars: 1, Amy Thwaites; 2, Charlotte Hows; 3, Charlotte Clay. Overall Champion: 1, Charlotte Clay; 2, Charlotte Hows; 3, Amy Thwaites.

Level Five: Eight-to nine years: Club Champion: Sascha O'Neil. 10-11 years: Vault: 1, Harriett Gooder; 2, April Foster; 3, Lauren Conlon. Floor: 1, April Foster; 2, Harriet Gooder; 3, Lauren Conlon. Beam: 1, Harriet Gooder; 2, April Foster; 3, Hollie Smith. Bars: 1, April Foster; 2, Harriett Gooder; 3, Lauren Conlon.

Overall Champion: 1, Harriett Gooder; 2, April Foster; 3, Lauren Conlon.

June 21, 2002 12:00