In response to the Barnet & Potters Bar Times ('No cover up', June 13) the question of whether the sale of the existing football ground to Barnet FC by the previous administration was wrong is for determination by the investigation which is to be made into its handling.

The fact that the sale was done in secret and not made public, however, is reprehensible. Especially in view of the intrusive nature of the planning application and the opposition of local residents expressed at the recent council elections to the building of an additional second stadium on the Green Belt.

Most Barnet residents would probably agree with your paper that Barnet FC should remain in the borough.

However, it is incorrect for it to be stated that the club's continuance here is dependent on the plan being approved to build a 9,200 seater stadium across the cricket ground and neighbouring parkland. Barnet FC has been where it is for more than 100 years.

With the co-operation of Underhill residents (and local Bees fans among them) and the local council there is no reason why improvements could not be made to the present ground, largely within the existing boundaries.

Peter Sawyer

Western Way, Barnet

June 21, 2002 13:30