The new Conservative regime at Barnet Council, led by councillors Lyon and Coleman, seem to be calling offside' on the democratic vote in favour of Barnet FC's planning application for a new stadium to the south of Underhill and crying foul' on the football club acquiring the freehold of Underhill.

The Tories are still voicing their opposition to the new stadium plan and inferring that there was something underhand' about the freehold deal.

What is going on?

If they are trying to force Barnet FC out of the borough, why don't they say so and let us get on with our lives in an area we are really wanted.

My understanding is that the Government Office for London has the final say on the new stadium application.

So why are the Conservatives on the council still canvassing views from those opposed to the plan surely those views can only be the same ones heard when the council approved the application?

Does democracy allow the council and the opposition a double bite of the cherry?

I am a season ticket holder at Underhill and, at the moment, face a season when my club is unable to win promotion, compete in the play-offs or the LDV Vans Trophy because Underhill does not meet the Football League criteria.

We supporters are currently watching a game of politics rather than looking forward to games of football and, if Councillor Lyon is correctly quoted as saying he wants to head a fair council then surely he should let us know where we stand.

The club has spent thousands on planning and adhering to the council planners' requirements.

The club insists it has done nothing wrong on securing a freehold. All the club, and we supporters, want is a chance to continue playing in the area that has been our home for the past 100-plus years.

Bill Boyne

Sebright Road, Barnet

June 21, 2002 13:30