Former Barnet Council leader Alan Williams is completely wrong to say that "anybody who has a lease has the right to purchase the freehold and Barnet FC are no different" (No cover up', June 13, 2002).

A leaseholder simply has no such right.

A landlord does not even have to consult with his tenant when considering selling the freehold.

There is legislation which, if certain conditions are met, allows the owners of flats to buy their freehold, but this does not extend to commercial property.

Perhaps Mr Williams made an honest mistake, or maybe this was a deliberate attempt to deceive the electorate about his role in this unfolding saga.

With respect to estate agent Mr Nick Staton, his statement does not take into account the "marriage" value of owning both the leasehold and freehold interest in the same property.

On this basis, buying the freehold was a bargain at the voters' expense.

David Miller,

Darlands Drive, Barnet

June 21, 2002 13:30