A woman with a history of depression hung herself at her Watford home just days before her 40th birthday, a coroner ruled today.

Janet Mccalman, 39, was found dead in her Gladstone Road flat on Wednesday, November 4, just 12 days from the landmark anniversary.

Hatfield Coroner’s Court heard this afternoon how Ms Mccalman, a well respected office manager, had fought a long but ultimately unsuccessful battle against depression, for which she had received regular psychiatric treatment until her death.

Deputy Coroner Graham Danbury, who recorded a verdict of suicide, said her impending birthday could have contributed to her death.

He said: “It would not be the first case that I’ve seen that somebody felt that was a turning point and that they didn’t want to go beyond that.”

Mr Danbury said he was satisfied that Ms Mccalman had intended to take her own life, even though she did not leave a suicide note.

He added: “Janet was clearly a very organised person so I have to conclude that when she did what she did she was intending to end her own life.”