A £298 million motorway widening scheme will start next month, prompting predictions of widespread traffic problems and environmental fears.

The scheme to widen a ten-mile stretch on the M1 between junction 6A (M25) and junction 10 (Luton) starts at the end of March and will take 30 months to complete.

Watford Green Party councillor, Steve Rackett, said: "This is a horrendously expensive scheme, that will provide little benefit in the long-term, as the extra lane will soon fill up with traffic and become congested.

"Funding this scheme would have led to significant improvements to public transport. The latter project would have made station access much easier, and would have helped increase capacity to provide alternatives to car usage."

Exhibitions with more information about the planned work will take place across the county next month. For more details visit www.highways.gov.uk.