THE Green Party has officially announced its candidate for May's mayoral election.

Steve Rackett, 41, became the town's first Green councillor when he was elected to represent Callowland Ward on Watford Borough Council in 2003.

Further electoral success followed last year, when he won a seat on Hertfordshire County Council.

Mr Rackett said: "The Green Party is on the way up in Watford.

"I can promise that we will be positive and put forward radical and very different policies to those espoused by the usual parties during this campaign."

Mr Rackett said his electoral success and experience make him the obvious realistic challenge to the current Liberal Democrat Mayor, Dorothy Thornhill.

A charity worker who has experience working for the NSPCC and the League Against Cruel Sports, Steve Rackett is the only declared candidate apart from the present mayor that lives within Watford borough's boundaries.