This is the true “face” of British National Party election candidate Charlotte Lewis she would rather you did not see.

As she swigs from a bottle of alcopops at a Halloween party, burka clad BNP parliamentary hopeful Miss Lewis reveals her contempt for Muslims.

The right wing activist is pictured smoking and drinking and revealing her underwear while on the night out dressed as a Muslim.

And these exclusive pictures of the woman standing as a candidate for Carshalton and Wallington, and a Croydon Council nominee, are just the start of her bigoted views.

Miss Lewis, 37, has been using her Facebook page to openly call for violence and post hate-filled racist rants about “pakis”.

Lewis has previous convictions for sending death threats to staff of Huntingdon Life Sciences and served a six month sentence in 2001 after she pleaded guilty to four charges of harassment.

Now she is using the internet to encourage others to take up her campaign of terror against what she calls “animal abusers”.

Lewis joined a Facebook group dedicated to tracking down the home address of a teen convicted of harming a cat, declaring; “I hope people turn up in the middle of the night & throw bricks through her windows - frighten the life out of her!

“The internet is great! There was no such thing as the internet when I was a kid. Now we can share information about scum.”

She went on to say: “Her brain needs to be re-programmed. She's sub-human, & not fit to breathe the same air as the rest of us. I hope she gets cancer.”

Lewis’s Facebook profile features repeated calls for foreign “paki” criminals to be executed.

In one racist rant she declares that “The Pakis that murdered Kriss Donald should be put on it (the electric chair)”.

“They were born in Glasgow I think, but their parents were from Pakistan - so they are Pakis.”

The hate-filled MP-hopeful has also targeted the head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Trevor Philips, whose recent court proceedings forced the BNP to open their membership up to non-whites.

Lewis declared: “If that w***** Trevor Phillips died then I would open a bottle of champagne and party.”

In February 2009 Lewis lost the Croydon by-election and the BNP cash deposit when her violent animal rights background was revealed.

In 2006 she was questioned by police over possible election fraud after standing for election in Waddon.

She had placed on her nomination form an address in Lind Road, Sutton, as her home residence, which was later exposed as false.

Miss Lewis said: “I think it’s completely acceptable to dress that way. I thought it was hilarious and so did everyone at the party.

“Anyone who does not find it funny needs to develop a sense of humour.

"You can print the pictures if you want and give your readers a bit of a laugh.”