Why is it that some weeks feel longer than others? It’s Friday but it seems to have been a long time coming and I’m one of the lucky ones that don’t have to work this weekend. Why has it been a long week – let me tell you. It started way back last Monday. Monday was an average sought of day with no indication that old father time intended to slow down this week. I had my usual round of meetings and greetings, wrote some stuff and generally the day passed quite quickly. Tuesday was a tough but enjoyable day – meetings all morning, meeting patients in Hemel in the afternoon and then the pleasure of presenting an award to a nurse in outpatients at Hemel, Alice, who had saved the life of one of her colleagues by spotting early an undiagnosed problem. I left there feeling rather good about the human race and proud of the NHS – a nice feeling. That evening I helped my youngest daughter select a new (old) car. That doesn’t sound much of an issue, but let me tell you it was the second new/old car in a month as the other one had fallen through. She is exchanging her old (old) car and that very night, almost as if it new it was being sold, it broke down, got a flat tyre in the process (of course there’s was no usable spare) and caused a road block. Luckily, she has a resourceful boyfriend /bestmate /other half/just friends/facebook pal - what do you call these relationships these days – anyway, he did wonders, found a tyre, got it going and limped it home. I’ve found out today that the second new/old car has also fallen through due to problems in the gear box!! She’ll be furious when I tell her. Maybe that’s it – that’s why time has slowed down for me this week. As its gone on, things have got worse and started to go wrong for me - it’s rained in August in the middle of the school holidays, my tele has developed a fault ( not that there’s anything worth watching anyway, don’t get me started), the windows need cleaning, the dog needs a walk and it's only just made it to Friday. When I look back on the week, it has at least one proud moment and that is something I can take with me into the weekend – thank you Alice.