Scouts and their parents are fighting back against the “mindless” vandals who caused more than £1,000 worth of damage to their cherished headquarters.

The scout hut, in Chalk Hill, home to the 29th Bushey and Oxhey Scout Group, was targeted by yobs earlier this month, when doors were kicked in, a window smashed and cupboards ransacked.

The break-in destroyed months of hard work by the boys and their parents, who had been working to renovate and redecorate the ageing building.

They have now appealed for help to repair the damage caused and complete a planned £20,000 improvement programme.

Beaver group leader Gillian Hulin explained: “They’ve caused a lot of damage in there. They kicked doors off their hinges, emptied cupboards and generally caused a lot of damage.

"It was just so mindless. The hut is getting very old so the boys and their parents have been working very hard to improve it.

They had spent a lot of time fundraising and carrying out the work.

“The boys are quite upset by what has happened and can’t understand why people would do something like this.

“The police reckon whoever did it saw scaffolding outside and came in searching for tools, but there was nothing there, they just vandalised the place.”

The group is now faced with a repair bill of more than £1,000 – money that would otherwise be spent on activities and equipment.

Andrew Filer, whose son is a member of the group, added: “It is just so frustrating. A lot of people have worked very hard on that building and now have to do it all again.

"The scout hut is a great community asset. It is such a positive place for young people and we need to protect it for the future.”

To this end the group has launched a fundraising appeal to help pay for a new roof, kitchen and interior decorations. Some residents and group supporters, however, have already offered to help repair the damage, offering cash and assistance.

Mrs Hulin explained: “One man walked by delivering leaflets on the morning the break-in was discovered. He said how terrible he thought it was, opened has wallet and gave us five pounds. It is really nice to know people are thinking of us and that people are so kind-hearted.”

Police are investigating the break-in, which happened at some point during the night of Wednesday, October 13.