Forget your sparkly clutch bag and vertiginous heels, this year hair has become every woman’s killer accessory. Party season is upon us and revamping your tresses is the easiest way to transform a look, when you have a five minute makeover window on your hands.

This season, glamorous up-dos are where it's at. From chic buns and dishevelled top knots to slicked-back twists, there’s a style to suit.

“Up hair adds an element of glamour,” says celebrity hairdresser Mark Hill.

And the good news for hair styling phobics is it doesn’t need to look ‘done’ to dazzle.

“There’s no over-structure to the looks this year so it really doesn’t matter if it appears messy,” explains Hill. “The more undone, the better it looks, as long as it isn't actually falling down!”

Whether you work an up or down look, there’s a styling saviour to take you from hair hell to party perfect.

Time to get tressed up for Christmas

Handy stylist
You don’t need the dexterity of Edward Scissorhands to perfect an up-do. Feign hairdressing prowess by putting your hair up and add a glamorous twist to your party ensemble. Heads will turn, especially if you usually wear your hair loose.

“It’s all about dishevelled chignons for the party season,” Hill says.

“The emphasis is shabby chic with lots of hair dropping out, especially around the hairline.”

“You basically take a high ponytail on the crown of the head, twist the hair round, and let it splay open, securing with grips.”

Disco revival
If you don’t want to waste precious party time dawdling with grips and clips, add Christmas cheer to dull, greasy locks with instant quick fixes.

Make your head the centre of attention without the shampoo ad hair, via statement accessories.

“Hair bands are a great party accessory and work if your hair is short or long,” advises hair colour expert, Lisa Shepherd.

“Create an evening look by back-combing your crown area and sitting the band just in front.”

The backcomb technique is key to reviving lifeless hair. Try refreshing a bland ponytail by backcombing your fringe, or front section if you’re fringe-less, and pinning it back into a cool quiff.

If the wash-and-go technique has well and truly escaped you due to a hectic party schedule, work with the grease rather than against it.

Shepherd says: “Disguise grease with a glossy shiny gel and slick your hair back, tucking it behind your ears - this is perfect for those with a bob.“

If you regularly have to jazz up dull 9-5 office hair in record time, then Nick Malenko from Royston Blythe at The Dorchester recommends dedicating a desk drawer to ready-to-roll hair tools.

Here are his hairstyle saviour must-haves: n “The absolute essential product for any occasion is dry shampoo,” Malenko says. “It not only refreshes and hides grease but also gives great root lift, body and oomph.”

n “Curling tongs or straighteners are helpful tools for a quickie do. Cordless are not necessarily as effective as plug-in electrical products, but ideal for a quick refresh or to add a flick or curl at the end of a ponytail,” he advises.

n “To really transform your look, clip in extensions are great,” Malenko says.