A Christian author who survived the July 7 terrorist attacks in London was signing copies of her inspirational book in Watford on Saturday.

Tope Teniola visited Living Oasis, in Queen's Road, from 12-5pm to sign copies of “You Fit Perfectly”.

The Watford Community Housing Trust volunteer said: “The books is about me and my life and the life of Joseph in the Bible. I've got through a lot of loss since I was young, as Joseph did, and the point is to encourage and inspire people, to keep on keeping on.

“I liken some of my experiences to his, when I was in Kings Cross on July 7 I liken that to when Joseph was in the prison. I believe God prevented me from getting into the front carriage which is where most of the damage was.”

Ms Teniola was travelling to work on July 7 2005 when a series of co-ordinated terrorist attacks shook the capital.

She said: “There was a guard on the platform of the tube who was not normally there, he held his hand out to me and told me to move down the train. I squeezed on the end of the second carriage and we were like sardines.

“After a few minutes the bomb went off and I thought I was going to die, I said what I thought were my last prayers but when I opened my eyes I was still alive.

“I suffered from fear for two weeks, I couldn't get to work because I couldn't use public transport. I also had to walk around the back streets to get to the doctors because I was scared there would be a bomb on the main road.”

Ms Teniola said her faith was strengthened when she was “healed” by a Christian minister, which encouraged her to write a book to inspire others.

She added: “We all have our own place and fit perfectly, it was a very therapeutic and emotional experience, and I felt joy that I was so inspired.”