Protesters descended on Northwood yesterday to demonstrate against the war in Afghanistan.

The group, from the London Catholic Worker, carried placards with anti-war slogans and demanded peace outside the military base, in Sandy Lane.

Scott Albrecht, from the group explained: “The protest was organised to highlight the unjust war and atrocities that are being carried out in Afghanistan – we want an end to it all.

“It was arranged on the same day of the Feast of the Holy Innocents - fitting really -and we read out a list of military and civilian casualties.

“We also took the time to demand the release of political prisoners, who have been unjustly arrested for exposing war crimes – that is Julian Assange and PC Bradley Manning.”

The London Catholic Worker, a non-violent community, focuses their resistance on the “war on terror”, British nuclear weapons and the arms trade.

Police officers were out in force yesterday morning, outside the base, from where British operations in Afghanistan are coordinated.

Ciaron O’Reilly, who climbed over the fence and infiltrated the base, said: “Last year we took part in a protest alongside Justice Not Vengeance.

“We wore bloody wedding clothes as we wanted to simulate the bombing of a wedding party in Haji Nabu, Aghanistan, which took place two years before.

“Our protests are peaceful but they are about raising awareness. As someone who has family who has fought and knows people who have fought, it is important that our voices are heard.

“We don’t want war, we don’t want to be part of it.

"The base in Northwood has played a central role in some of the major conflicts – Afghanistan, the Falklands, Bosnia, Iraq.

“Some of the police where sympathetic to our cause, and the soldier, who I believe had served, and caught me after I infiltrated the base seemed understanding.

“We were treated well, there were no problems – I had thought I would be arrested by police after climbing over the fence, but I wasn’t.”

Sarah Spence, from Hertfordshire Constabulary, confirmed that police had been made aware prior to the demonstration that a peaceful protest was set to take place.