A shop owner in Oxhey has swapped the crackle of a fire for the crackle of vinyl.

Julian Smith, who owned Grate Ideas, in Pinner Road, has converted his shop into a second-hand record store after spotting a niche in the Watford market.

The 39-year-old entrepreneur’s unorthodox business move came from his own passion for collecting obscure psychedelic records from the 1960s.

However he decided to switch businesses after learning how much of a money-spinner second hand records could be.

He said: “I was running the fire place shop for 17 years but I could see more money in records.

“I would go into record shops and see these Japanese dealers come in and spend £600 in there.”

In August he reopened the renovated store as Second Scene record shop.

The shop stocks rare records to entice dealers and vinyl aficionados wanting to add to their collections.

Its most expensive item is a rare 1972 jazz album A Symphony of Amaranths by Neil Ardley, valued at £200.

The store also has £3 second-hand record section to cater for less pricey vinyl habits.

Mr Smith said the cheaper records were proving popular with younger music fans and DJs searching for new songs to sample.

He added that he was enjoying his new line of work and finding it less stressful than his previous fire place business.

“I am enjoying this infinitely,” said Mr Smith.

“It is hard work but it is stress free.”