A Watford borough councillor who was kicked out of the town’s Conservative Party for the second time in two years described the decision as a “blow for diversity”.

Park ward councillor Malcolm Meerabux had his membership terminated by a vote of the Watford Conservative Association (WCA) on Monday night. The move effectively ends the Conservative group’s presence on the council with only Tory leader Steve Johnson remaining. The party was reduced to two seats in the May election.

Councillor Meerabux said: “I think the party has made a strategic error by suspending a hardworking councillor who is respected by residents throughout the town.”

Leaked emails between Councillor Meerabux and other political figures in the town show he was rebuked on several occasions for stepping out of line after raising questions about party performance.

He said: “For me I think the party needs to examine itself. I think what they have done is a blow for diversity.

“I don’t know this helps David Cameron’s attempts to broaden and diversify the party. I think people who see this will ask if the party is really committed to diversity.”

In January 2011 Councillor Meerabux was removed from the association after a row over the letters he was writing to the Watford Observer.

However, he was later allowed to rejoin the group. He is now listed as an Independent on the Watford Borough Council website.

A statement from the WCA said that as Councillor Meerabux had a right to appeal, “it would be inappropriate to comment further at this time.”