Young adults waiting for the call to be vaccinated against coronavirus can visit a walk-in clinic in Watford today. 

Pfizer vaccinations are being handed out to anyone aged 18 and over at Stanborough Park Church in St Albans Road near Garston today (Wednesday June 16).

Walk-ins are being accepted between 10am to 1pm, and 2pm to 7.30pm, and people are not required to book or show ID to gain entry.

However, Watford Borough Council is advising people to book in advance - full details of how to book can be found at the bottom of the article. 

Both the first and second jabs are being offered, but anyone attending to get a second dose must have received the first Pfizer dose at least eight weeks ago.

This is the first local opportunity 18 to 22-year-olds, who are not in a priority group, have had to receive the Covid vaccine.

Anyone wishing to attend should be aware there could potentially be long queues, as Belmont Health Centre in Stanmore, Harrow, saw large crowds appear on June 12 after the centre offered jabs to those aged 18 and over.

Watford Observer: People queuing to go into Belmont Health Centre in Harrow (Photo: PA)People queuing to go into Belmont Health Centre in Harrow (Photo: PA)

Jim McManus, the director of public health at Hertfordshire County Council, has said it is “absolutely critical” that everyone gets the vaccine.

He said: “Please also keep doing the basics – wear a face-covering when required, wash hands regularly, and maintain social-distancing. If meeting people indoors, make sure the venue is well-ventilated. Meeting outdoors for now is much lower risk if the weather allows.

“It is also absolutely critical to get the vaccine when you can or when offered it, take a test twice-a-week, and self-isolate if you are told to. To find out more about tests and the options available, people can go to”

Watford Observer:

The full address of the walk-in Pfizer clinic is Stanborough Park Seventh-day Adventist Church, 609 St Albans Road, Watford, WD25 9JL.

There is parking available at the site.

To book, as the council advises, call 01923 278181 with your name, date of birth, and telephone number.

Today anyone aged 21 or over is also eligible to book a vaccine at their nearest clinic. To do so, visit: