UK passports have been ranked as one of the worst in Europe when it comes to value for money.

Our passports have gone head-to-head with other countries, and following a 7 per cent price increase in April it has lost value for money, new research has revealed.

The research ranked 131 passports across the globe to form the latest Passport Value Index.

The research, carried out by digital PR agency Tank, combined data from the Henley Passport Index with the passport price and years of validity to create the table.

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It revealed that the UK has dropped four places from rank 31 to 35 after the price of the passport increased from £82.50 to £88.50. Valid for 10-years, Brits can visit 192 visa-free countries with their passport at a cost of £8.85 per year – 2.68% of an average monthly salary.

However, it has proved one of the priciest passports across Europe, with Spain charging £25.80 for a 10-year passport – £62.70 less than the UK – with access to 194 countries.

The prices of passports in different countries with the same year's validity are lower than the UK. Germany charges £60.21 with access to 194 countries, a French passport sets citizens back £73.97 with access to 194 countries, and it would cost you £64.51 for an Irish passport with access to 193 countries.

These countries offer one or two more visa-free countries to holiday in, and the lower price point means they offer more value for money when compared to the UK passport.

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Out of the 131 visa-free countries, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) offers the best value for its passport. The 10-year passport is a bargain at £10.82 where citizens from places such as Dubai or Abu Dhabi can holiday in 184 countries.

Maxine McCreadie, personal finance expert at UK Debt Expert, said: “With over half of Brits planning a foreign holiday this year, passport applications will be a top priority and many may be left surprised at the price.

“Households are already battling the rising cost of living and the cost of passports, plus the 10% increase in holiday prices, could put a stop to travel plans.”

“The UK passport has become one of the priciest in Europe, especially compared to countries like Spain, which offers better access to countries for £62.70 less.”