James May has teased for the first time when the final episode of hit Amazon series The Grand Tour will be broadcast.

May, along with Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond first appeared on The Grand Tour back in 2015 after leaving BBC show Top Gear which they had hosted together since 2003.

The trio previously revealed the show was coming to an end, with the upcoming series set to be their last.

Speaking to presenters Nick Robinson and Amol Rajan on The Today Podcast May, 61, revealed he had just recorded his last piece of voiceover for The Grand Tour bringing a "sad" end to a "legacy" with Clarkson and Hammond which had lasted more than 22 years.

Speaking on The Today Podcast - the episode of which will go live on BBC Sounds and other podcast providers at 6am on Friday (June 14) - May said: "I recorded today the last piece of voiceover I will ever record for The Grand Tour – and therefore in that whole legacy of Grand Tour, Top Gear and the few things I did before that.

“We’ve done it for nearly 22 years – a lot longer than we thought we would.

“I thought, when I started doing it in 2003 or 2004, that this was a bit of a laugh. Maybe it’ll last a few years.

“And, here we are, grey and wizened and sagging. And we’ve only just stopped doing it. It’s quite remarkable.”

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James May teases release date for final ever episode of The Grand Tour

During the interview May also confirmed the final episode of The Grand Tour, which was filmed in Zimbabwe, will air in September - although an exact date is yet to be revealed.

He joked: "I’m not allowed to tell you what date it’s coming out, so I won’t say that it’s September. I can say anything I want now, frankly."

"Unlikely" to be any more car shows with Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond

With The Grand Tour coming to an end, May also revealed it was "unlikely" the trio of him, Clarkson and Hammond would record another TV series about cars.

“You have to be grateful for the opportunity and thankful that it happened, and accept – you know – I don’t want to be the person in the pub who used to be on the telly,” he said.


Concluding the interview, podcast co-host Robinson congratulated May on coming to the end of this part of his career, saying: “You have given so many millions of people so much pleasure.”

The full interview with James May on The Today Podcast will be released on BBC Sounds and other podcast providers at 6am on Friday (June 14).

While the final ever episode of The Grand Tour will air on Amazon Prime Video in September.