Following a question about the Busy Bee caf, Mr P Pillinger, of Kings Langley, wrote in: "I remember the Busy Bee, which used to be a transport caf that bikers used a lot.

"Most of the bikers are now aged in their 60s.

"I used to go there, I had an AJJ 250cc and also a Matchless 250cc.

"It used to get packed in the weekday evenings and at weekends.

"London ITV (Associated Redfusion) used to broadcast an interval, called Take 4, most evenings at 8.56pm.

"It featured bikers using the A41 bypass, doing near enough a ton (100mph), going from the Busy Bee Caf to the Elstree Road roundabout and back.

"It featured the song with the lyrics A burn up on my bike is what I like, with a bird is what I like'.

"The 59 Club from London used to come along to the Busy Bee with their ton-up vicar.

"The most played record on the Busy Bee's jukebox was Substitute, by The Who, and daredevils on motorbikes had to leave the caf, go to Elstree Road roundabout and back before the record finished.

"If a Mod entered the caf, it would be sudden death, as some bikers called themselves rockers' or greasers'."

Do readers have any further recollections of the Busy Bee and the affiliations of its regular punters?

If the entrance of a Mod caused a stir, how come a record by The Who, idolized by the Watford Mods, was so popular in the Busy Bee?

Does anyone have any pictures of the Busy Bee?