Watford Observer:

Watford Charity Herts Inclusive Theatre had their membership sponsored by local taxi firm Mealings

Liz Pilny, fundraising manager from Herts Inclusive Theatre said “The guys from Mealings came along to our half term workshop . It was great to see them engaging with the students.

“It is refreshing to see that Watford Chamber of Commerce is taking the view that all local charities need a voice and the idea of matching them up with a local business is genius.

“As a very small local charity we would not have had the budget to actually join as members so having Mealing's Taxi's finance our membership, and then support us, is absolutely brilliant.

“We recognise the value of networking as a charity so it is disheartening to sometimes be told that a group 'only supports one charity' or they want to charge the same as they do for each business. Being a member alongside other charities has also helped us engage with those charities and share experiences and contacts.”

Chamber AGM

Attend our AGM for an insight into where we are, where were going and what you can expect from the Chamber over the next 12 months.

We are listening to our members, doing things better and doing better things and would appreciate your feedback. This is your chance to have some input and ask any questions you may have.

As well as the serious stuff we have two very special guest speakers and lots of good cheese and wine.

The AGM will take place on March 14 from 4.30pm to 7.30pm.

Networking and Jazz Night at The Pumphouse Theatre

Come and join us Chamber lot at the fabulous The Pump House for a networking and jazz experience on March 28.

From 5pm until 7pm you can enjoy some social networking, music and an exclusive backstage tour of another of Watford's best kept secrets - The Pump House Theatre.

From 8pm there will be live Jazz performed by DixieMix.

Networking and a behind the scenes at the Watford Palace Theatre treat

9th April 6pm to 9pm

West Herts Metro Network Events

Connect - Borehamwood

April 5: 10am to 12pm

Tickets for all events can be found on the Watford and West Herts Chamber Events page


Watford Observer:

So what is the Chamber of Commerce and Conscience all about?

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur bursting with youthful enterprising exuberance, steamrolling towards your dream; a seasoned professional who’s decided it’s the right time to go it alone; or an established business simply looking to expand horizons. The Watford Chamber is a great place to start.

Chambers of commerce have evolved over the years, and while the name ‘chamber’ might still sound a bit stuffy, they have changed for the better. Today, the chamber is made up of business people from diverse backgrounds, working on dynamic and traditional enterprises who all hold the potential to be either customers or suppliers to your business.

It’s fair to say that chambers of commerce have a chequered reputation when it comes to networking events. But fresh-faced members are shaking things up, so no more awkward breakfasts at silly o’clock, and more informal meetups to get to know one another. Finding that first customer can always be a little tricky, so turning to fellow members is a great idea.

Corporate social responsibility, disability confident, sustainability, people and planet, workplace equality, diversity… these are just some of the things that businesses aspire to achieve, but how many actually do? The chamber will connect you with incredible people and organisations in the voluntary sector which can help you on your way.

Developing new skills, enhancing your network, and gathering more knowledge should never stop. This is where the power of the chambers comes up trumps.

Watford Observer:

Domestic Violence Hub

Domestic Abuse is never an easy subject, unless you're talking about ending it. Last week the Watford and West Herts Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Chamber of Conscience and the DV Hub set out to do just that.

Representatives from across the domestic abuse sector in Hertfordshire came together to discuss and debate the challenges being faced, whilst a team from Herts and Beds based DV Hub - a collaborative partnership platform set up to work towards breaking the cycle of domestic violence - presented plans for helping those caught up in domestic abuse rebuild their lives.

Foodbank Friday

Did you know in December 2018 and January 2019 alone, 13.9 tonnes of food was used to feed 1581 people. These statistics are on the rise.

The major crisis for families is low income.

The Foodbank is here to provide emergency food supplies and support to people in crisis; to not only unemployed individuals, but also to families of professionals on a low income.

We want your help! We will be collecting Food Donations for the Foodbank from Businesses in Watford on behalf of the Trussell Trust on Friday 29th March.

Please register your interest on: www.watfordchamber. co.uk/chamber-of-conscience-2 and have everything ready for the 29th March.

Agency's drink app

A Watford-based digital creative agency has come up with a way to sell beer faster at football stadiums.

SwipeStation is the Brainchild of Syd Nadim from Clock, who designed an app that links customer’s phones with bars.

Designed for events such as football matches and concerts, the app enables the customer to order food and drink directly from their mobile phone from anywhere in and around the stadium.

The app generates a QR code, which is then scanned at a SwipeStation. This then produces a ticket, which can be taken to a collection point, meaning customers can be served in less than 15 seconds.

As a result, bar workers do not need any till training, or handle any cash, making it an efficient service for all.