Working with Lee Bowyer was the “golden ticket” for Watford’s youngsters according to Harry Kewell, who says the former Leeds United midfielder hasn't actually left the Hornets. 

Bowyer was invited to work with the Hornets’ young players by Kewell in October and the one-cap England international spent over a month coaching alongside his former Leeds teammate.

Bowyer seemingly made an impact with results improving following his arrival. However, Watford’s head of academy Chris McGuane said last Thursday that the 38-year-old had departed the Hornets to go on pre-planned holiday.

Kewell confirmed yesterday Bowyer is indeed on holiday but when asked if he could return in the future the Australian said: “He hasn’t left. He is on holiday. He’s got the life of Riley that boy."

Kewell then added: “He was excellent though. I don’t claim to know everything and it was good to work with someone that you grew up with.

“I thought we did work well together. We don’t know the full story yet (in relation to Bowyer joining) but we will see what happens.”

When asked what Bowyer brought to the Academy coaching set-up, Kewell explained: “You don’t bring someone in to solely work on one aspect but his main point is midfielders.

"He has played the attacking role, the defensive role, the offensive role, the aggressive role and the passing role. He’s done it all and he’s done it at the highest level.

“So for my midfielders to learn from him, and make no mistake my midfielders can play, it is the golden ticket really. They can get the inside track from a wonderful midfielder.”