Even while preparing for a World Cup qualifier with his native Switzerland, Valon Behrami has admitted he still could not wait to get Watford's defeat at Liverpool out of his system.

Behrami said his side had looked like a "League 1" side in their heavy defeat at Anfield, and that after having a "lot of time" to think about their mistakes, had taken their frustration into yesterday's win over Leicester.

The midfielder attributed that exasperation to the Hornets' flying start in that win, netting two goals in the opening 12 minutes before Riyad Mahrez's penalty halted their charge.

He said: "The way we started it showed the two weeks of frustration. We had a lot of time to think about our mistakes, and we are proud as players.

"We didn’t look like Liverpool, we looked like a League 1 team. Personally, I suffered a lot.

"I was with the national team but I was still thinking about the game, and I couldn’t wait to start the game.

"They are a good team, they put a lot of pressure on which is normal but everyone works for each other.

"That was the key, and in the box we stayed with the man every time which we didn’t do in Liverpool.

"What we did during the week we really showed on the pitch; it shows everyone follows our manager as well."

The Hornets played a 3-4-3 for the first time this season and offered Troy Deeney more support than he has been used to so far during the campaign; and Behrami said it had made their lives easier during the game.

"We were organised in the 3-4-3 because you don’t have to switch position or think too much," he said. "You have your man in front of you. Everyone was on the same page. We only had short space to do our pressing.

"When we have the ball the shape is nearly always the same, but without it you need to find the best solution. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

"Every kind of plan you play, it’s what you give. We didn’t lose at Liverpool because of the formation, we could have played with 10 different formations but the attitude on the pitch was what lost it.

"The most important thing is our attitude, that’s the key, but little details can help us to succeed."