Confidence is undoubtedly a factor in the way the Hornets performed last weekend, in what Marco Silva admitted was their worst showing under his leadership, but there appeared more to meet the eye for both Huddersfield Town’s second and third goals.

The head coach has always prided himself on Watford’s commitment, which has more or less been second to none even when results have not followed.

But he drew the example of the Terriers’ second goal - for which Etienne Capoue, Jose Holebas and Adrian Mariappa were particularly culpable - as a mark of where things had gone wrong, and where they need to go right tomorrow.

He said: “We had 10 men behind the ball in our box for Huddersfield’s second goal.

“It’s not a case of whether we have 10 men in and around our box, it’s about commitment and competitive attitude as a team.

“In all the time leading up to the goal, we had superiority in terms of numbers in the box. They crossed one ball, we had superior numbers.  “It was not a matter of playing too high. It’s commitment and competitive attitude.”

Silva also commented on a bizarre third goal, which effectively killed off any chance of a comeback for the Hornets, scored within minutes of the restart.

Laurent Depoitre profited from Holebas' dive to the floor, clutching his face, before making a recovery within moments.

And the head coach revealed he had spoken with his left-back after the incident.

He said: "I already talked with him and told him my opinion. I don't want to tell you what.

"It looks a strange situation really. In one moment - and I told them - even with ten players and how hard it is in the Premier League, I told them we need to compete.

"Don't concede another goal because we'll score and compete until the end - I told them I'm sure about that. And we didn't concede like we did in that moment - a really strange goal - we will compete and could tajke a good result."

When I tell them I'm not guessing the future, it's my feeling. It's a strange situation, I already talked with him. But that's finished.