Troy Deeney says fan criticism is easier to take as supporters see the game in a different way to players.

Watford’s skipper has taken his fair share of slings and arrows – some of which it must be said well-merited – during a season punctuated by moments of controversy.

An altercation with Joe Allen was followed by a red card against Huddersfield and controversial middle-fingered celebration in the win over Chelsea – all of which drawing derision from pockets of Watford supporters.

Deeney’s form has also been questioned, but the 29-year-old says the manner in which fans watch the game makes such criticism easier to digest and move on from.

“To be perfectly honest most fans see the game differently. I am not being rude when I say that,” Deeney said.

“Most fans will sit there and say he should be doing this or that, but they can’t do it and that is why they are fans.

“If you go to a pub and sit down with a fan, he’ll say ‘Ibrahimovic is shit’ because he miscontrols the ball, and I will say ‘what are you on about? Look at the ball played into him.’

“When they see it from a players perspective they realise, but they are just looking at is as fans and it is all emotion based. You can’t take it seriously.”

Deeney’s own views have garnered plenty of attention this season, with his scathing assessment of Arsenal after Watford 2-1 defeat of the Gunners being particularly well documented.

The ‘cojones’ comment, while perhaps misplaced, gave the impression Deeney could become a pundit once he hangs up his boots.

While Deeney is not shy in giving his opinion, he insists his focus remains on playing and says he has plenty to offer before calling time on his career.

“I like the way Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher do it. People talk about me like I am 50, I am 29 and have loads more the give,” he said.

“This season is only the second time I have been injured even though people think I am fat, and that is what it is.

“I am trying to make sure that next season I am bigger, stronger and faster and I will reinvest in myself.”