Mo Farah is the inspiration for Watford’s Kyle Langford as he goes in search of more medals on the world stage.

The 22-year-old narrowly missed out on a medal at last year’s World Championships but returned to the global stage this week and grabbed an 800m silver medal at the Commonwealth Games.

Just like last year, the Watford athlete finished like a train and, just like last year, he just missed out on his ultimate goal.

In 2017 it was a world medal, whereas this time it was the gold medal.

In both races had he had even five more metres to play with he would have succeeded in his goals - which left some to question if he is leaving his kick too late.

And being so young, he is looking to the best for inspiration.

“Mo is a really, really good role model. He trains hard, he’s got the right mentality and is a good person to watch and be around,” he said.

“He’s a good positive person, with positive energy.

“With my tactics I was really unfortunate with other people’s moves they made. But we’ll look upon those and try to make sure this doesn’t happen in Tokyo.

“This is all the building stage for that.

“Sometimes you can know people’s tactics but you just can’t stop it.

“Mo, for example, you know what he’s going to do in most races but that doesn’t help. I don’t care if people underestimate me or know I’m going to kick.”

Langford is keen to avoid being labelled as a one-trick pony, though and, having already run the qualifying time for this summer’s European Championships in Berlin, is looking forward to trying out some new tactics.

“I believe I’m going to win and I’ve got a lot of arsenal to use up and I feel like I’m not just a one dimensional runner and have many ways to run,” he added.

"Hopefully through the year I can start to pour in a lot of this stuff and test different tactics it.

“I’ve got the times for the Europeans already.

"I’m not chasing anything so i can just try different tactics out. I want to run fast this year, that is the aim."

But for now, the middle distance man is just trying to keep improving and enjoying his running, with his belief strong that a gold medal will soon come.

“If I can keep making finals, keep popping out medals, then that shows improvement,” he concluded.

"It’s something Mo does brilliantly, he is always improving, he is always looking at how he can get better.

"It’s something I look up to and try to take away myself and try and learn from.

“We call him mad Mo because he’s so relaxed. He enjoys every party, enjoys every second of being an athlete.

"That’s something that in the last few years I’ve done. I enjoy everything I’m doing and when you’re happy then the results keep flying in.”

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