Watford will continue to expand Vicarage Road but Scott Duxbury has told fans not to expect any big announcements, as the ongoing development will be a gradual process.

Speaking at this week’s At Our Place event, the chairman and chief executive outlined the next stage of the work was the development of one corner of the ground which will include a new suppporters’ bar.

He said: “The ground expansion will continue, but there’s not going to be a big announcement that we’re suddenly developing a stand.

“At the moment the north-west corner is being developed – we’re going to have wrap-around seats so that the corner is filled in, and there’s going to be a new lounge and supporters’ bar. That’s being built now and will come online around May.”

In a recap of Wednesday's fans’ forum on the club website, Duxbury explained that a study is being completed in to how the capacity of the ground can be increased to 30,000 and this will provide the “road-map” for that target to be achieved.

The chairman added: “The development is happening now, it will continue to happen and we’ll continue to do the works without disrupting the current capacity. We have to phase it in.”