Javi Gracia has taken a shine to Watford's FA Cup opponents Woking, following last weekend's 2-0 victory.

The Hornets head coach said he looked out for their result on Wednesday evening and even considered cracking open his bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale, given to him as a present by Woking manager Alan Dowson, in celebration.

He said: "I have not drunk it yet, yesterday I thought about that. They won 2-0, I thought maybe today is a good time to celebrate his victory, but I will keep it for the future.

"It's my first gift, I am very grateful because they were very warm and welcoming during the game.

"I don’t know this drink, I will try it for my first time."

Gracia spoke of his fondness of the overall experience at Woking and said he was delighted to share it with them.

He said: "I enjoyed this experience because you can feel the real football.

"I was happy to be there and to enjoy that game.

"I watched my phone, I knew they played and I saw the result. They won 2-0 and I said, 'Bravo'".

"After knowing this coach and these people there, I'm happy because they got a victory."