Everton boss Marco Silva has declared himself "ready for everything" ahead of his return to his old club Watford.

Tomorrow's contest at Vicarage Road will see the Portuguese face the Hornets away for the first time since he was sacked in January of last year.

Asked how he reflected on his time with Watford and if he expected a hostile reception, Silva said: "I think it is not the time to make some reflection about the last season. It is not the moment to talk about this situation.

"What I can tell you about Watford is it will be for sure a tough game. And if you ask me about the reception, in football we have to be ready for everything. It is normal when you build a career.

"I'm ready for everything and my job is to make my players also ready, for a tough match. Like normal, it will be decided on the pitch and as normal, the best team will win. That is the most important thing for me and it is my job to prepare my players for that."

Watford's captain Troy Deeney reportedly told a fans' forum on Wednesday that it would be preferable if supporters left Silva alone while the striker and his team-mates "kick the s***" out of Everton's players instead.

When asked about that, Silva responded: "About what Troy said or not...I can remind you what Troy said two months ago. Maybe if you go to search a little bit what he said two months ago in an interview, maybe you will understand maybe it is a matter of strategy, nothing more. And I know what Troy said to me when he was with me, every time."

Silva also stressed his return was "not a distraction", and said when asked if his team were prepared for a fight: "More than a fight, our players have to be ready to play a football match.

"In some moments, some matches, they are asked for more aggressiveness, in the right way, and I think that will be the way, not just our players but Watford players will play also."