Watford legend Luther Blissett has urged the club to believe in themselves ahead of this weekend's FA Cup quarter-final with Crystal Palace.

The Hornets' all time top scorer netted twice in a famous 3-1 victory against Arsenal at the same stage of the competition in 1987 and recalled Graham Taylor's philosophy that he believes helped the club achieve so much during his tenure.

He said: "Graham Taylor always said that ability only takes you so far, but you have to believe you're good enough, you have to believe that you're capable and you have to believe you can win the game.

"If you tie those in with the abilities that you have and the abilities of the team, it takes you an awful long way and brings you through periods in games when it gets really tough.

"It's something we've always had and something we always spoke about in the dressing room and the players at that time when I was playing, we all had that belief that there was never a game we couldn't win, regardless of who it was against.

"If the Watford boys can go out at the weekend with that sort of attitude with some of the individual talents that they have, I think there's definitely a result there waiting."

Blissett confirmed he will be in attendance, as he has been for every cup tie this season, and wants to see Watford harnessing the form that saw them get off to a good start earlier in ther campaign.

He also believes that this is the perfect chance for the Hornets to settle some old scores.

"I will be there and willing everybody on as I do every weekend that I watch them play," he said.

"Against Crystal Palace we have had two victories against them in the same season, but this one for me is a big one.

"We got beaten in the play off against them and we got beaten in the FA Cup semi-final two or three seasons ago now. For me it's a great opportunity to put that score right and get ourselves into the semi-final and then you never know depending on the draw, you could have one foot in the final.

"I've been to all the away cup ties we've played. Newcastle was one of those that I thought could go either way until we put a couple of bits of play together and won the game.

"It's in the team that they can get themselves together and find a bit of that cohesion they had right at the start of the season when they were all working and doing their pressing together and the play looked really promising.

"If they can find that again, I would think it's a game they definitely can win."