Watford will be clamping down on season ticket holders who regularly do not attend games by further collecting and analysing attendance data.

The club made the announcement on its website and said that data collected from recent years has put them in a position where they can refuse renewals to serial no shows from next year.

The announcement also confirmed the singing section in the Rookery Stand, made up of 476 seats, will remain in place, but that anyone in that section who wished to move should renew as normal and await a call from the club.

Those wishing to move from that section to a higher-priced area of the ground will have the extra charge waived.

A statement read: "Having made mention of the matter of Season Ticket holders not coming to home fixtures in recent years’ Terms & Conditions, analysis of attendance data from recent years has helped us reach the position where we will – from Season Ticket renewals in Spring 2020 – reserve the right to refuse renewals to those supporters who most regularly don’t attend AND don’t advise us of their non-attendance.

"Exact details of how this will be managed during 2019/20 will be communicated to Season Ticket renewers after the renewals windows close.

"Seats contained within the Rookery Stand Block RS2 Rows G-X Seats 77-104 inclusive (total 476 seats) will be deemed as being within the ‘Singing Section’ of the stadium from the 2019/20 season onwards.

"Supporters who currently sit within the block of seats above but do not wish to be part of the Singing Section should renew as normal in their current seats. The Ticket Office team will be calling out to all Season Ticket holders within the 476 seats to confirm if they wish to remain where they are. If they do not, first priority for alternative accommodation will be given (and any extra charge for higher-priced stands which would normally apply would be waived on a one-off basis)."

Season ticket prices for next season will again depend on how long a given season ticket holder has had their ticket for.

For example, an adult season ticket holder in the Rookery Stand or Lower Graham Taylor Stand who has had their ticket since 2014/15 or earlier will be charged £438 in the first phase of ticket renewals (April 2 - April 18), while someone in the same stand who has had their ticket from the 2015/16 season or later will be charged £562 in renewal phase two (April 25 - May 13).

In the Sir Elton John Stand phase one tickets will cost £493 for adults, while phase two tickets will cost £628.

The most expensive tickets can be found in the Upper Graham Taylor Stand where phase one tickets are priced at £567 for adults while phase two tickets cost £722.

Family Stand, or Vicarage Road Stand, tickets are the least expensive for adults in phase two, when they will cost £496, while phase one tickets will cost the same as it will for those in the Rookery Stand and Lower Graham Taylor Stand at £438.

Wheelchair areas will cost the same as standard seating tickets for elevated positions in the Rookery, Lower Graham Taylor and Sir Elton John Stands, while phase one pitchside positions will cost £92 in the Rookery Stand, or £62 for those 65 and over, £57 for full-time students and £19 for those aged 18 and under. Phase two tickets for the same areas will be charged at £113 for adults, £77 for those over 65, £69 for students and £22 for anyone 18 and under.

All wheelchair positions include free of charge access for a personal assistant.