Ticketmaster has admitted their "systems have been running slower than anticipated" and accepted this "falls below the standards we expect" following the prioblems Watford fans have been experiencing buying FA Cup semi-final tickets.

Supporters trying to purchase tickets for the last four game against Wolverhampton Wanderers have been left frustrated after online issues prevented them from making their purchases, with many taking to social media throughout the day to express their annoyance.

Tickets for the tie at Wembley Stadium on Sunday, April 7 went on sale to season ticket holders online from 10am this morning, with phone bookings accepted from one hour later.

Ticketing for the game is handled by Ticketmaster and in a statement posted on Twitter this evening, the company states @TicketmasterUK: "Update for Watford FC fans: Watford FC tickets have been hugely popular today, and while fans have been able to buy tickets, we realise that our systems have been running slower than anticipated.

"This falls below the standards we expect for our fans and we're doing everything we can to get the issue fixed as quickly as possible."

The problems, including being sent to the back of the virtual queue and websites not accepting their card details, were mentioned by a number of fans on social media, but Watford said earlier today they believed the "volume of those logging on at minute one" was the main issue and assured fans that "it'll smooth our later" and that "no one will miss out".