Ben Foster believes Watford are not afraid of facing anyone, but thinks his team were guilty of overplaying against Manchester United.

The Hornets' goalkeeper was impressed with the overall performance during the 2-1 defeat at Old Trafford, but insists the team should have done better.

"It shows how far we've come, we come to places like this and went to Man City a couple of weeks ago and hold no fear against anyone, wherever we go," he said.

"We go with the intent to play our style of football and try and get three points, it was no different today, I just thought when we got the little chances or half chances we didn't go for it like we should do.

"It's all nice that you can say we've played well and played lovely football, but we've lost and that's all that counts.

"In the history books you'll see a loss against our name and I think we were really good, we played some lovely stuff and I think we almost tried to walk it in at times when we've got Troy Deeney up there, you know. Just stick it in the box and let him get his head on there.

"I just feel we lacked a little bit of quality today."

Foster admitted to almost being bored during periods of the game and said that the Hornets seemed unsure of what to do with the surplus of time and space they were allowed to play with by the Red Devils.

The former United shot stopper suggested that getting points from games like the one at Old Trafford is important for Watford to become a better team.

He said: "I didn't have anything to do, it was an easy afternoon in all honesty, I was stood there as a spectator for large parts of it and almost bored, the lads were great, but United, they didn't have a lot of possession, they didn't have a lot of key chances, when it came down to the nitty gritty, they took their chances and we didn't. 

"It was almost easy at times, we couldn't believe we had so much space. I think that's what the frustrating part is, we had so much time and so much space and it was a negative for us almost where we had too much time to think about what to do and it was just sloppy at times, I see sometimes you're talking milliseconds on the ball and they're putting in crosses and passes that are world class - today we had so much more time and just couldn't deliver those sorts of balls into the box.

"It just seemed a little bit weird that we had so much time and so much space and we were just playing little triangles and too much passing and no real substance and it was almost like United were happy for us to have the ball in those positions, they could sense we weren't trying to go for the kill.

"If we want to kick on as a team, we need to realise when the games are going this way and we're in the ascendency then we need to be putting our chances to bed."