Parents of young children who play football for Watford FC Girls have written to Watford Football Club to complain after they were told they could no longer use the club's name or logo.

The club were informally given permission by Watford FC to use the club name and crest two years ago on a revocable basis.

Watford FC has since exercised its right to remove that permission causing Watford FC Girls to release a statement expressing their disappointment.

It read: "Watford FC Girls are disappointed to announce that for reasons which are still unclear and not wholly definitive, Watford Football Club and Watford FC Ladies have decided to end their association & relationship with the club and withdraw the use of the club crest.

"This relationship will cease on the 31st May 2019 and the name “Watford FC Girls” will no longer be used.

"This has come as a complete shock to everyone at the club. The Board, Committee, Coaches, Parents and especially all 130 players from the ages of 7 to 18 are immensely upset at the decision taken by Watford FC."

The Watford Observer understands that the permission was revoked by the club in part due to a perception that Watford FC Girls was the sole feeder club for Watford FC Ladies, which was not the club's intention when the permission to use the logo and name was granted.

Additionally, since there is no contractual relationship between both parties, it is understood Watford FC felt it was in their best interests to not permit Watford FC Girls to have further use of their intellectual property and instead establish an independent identity of their own.

The Watford Observer also understands that Watford FC has offered both design and marketing resources to Watford FC Girls in order to help with their rebranding and has also permitted them to continue using the name and crest until the end of the current season.