Troy Deeney is the best English striker, according to Javi Gracia. 

Speaking ahead of the Hornets' game against Arsenal on Monday evening, the head coach said that he thinks Deeney should not be overlooked by the national team after the way he has been playing lately.

"There are good English players in that position, but in my opinion Troy is the best one," he said. 

"He's in a very good moment now, but it's not my decision and I always try to be respectful with the national team."

Gracia suggested the striker's character was one of his biggest assets and said that was on full display when he dispatched his penalty during the FA Cup semi-final against Wolves. 

The head coach also said that Deeney is a very respectful person, despite how he may come across in interviews.

He said: "He handled it very well, you have to have that personality and he knows in that moment all the people were looking at him.

"It was an important moment for the team and club and he managed really well, scoring the goal and doing something really special for the team.

"In my opinion, he always shows the right attitude, sometimes he likes to speak and say different things, but he always shows a very good attitude and he's very respectful.

"Sometimes he can say some words like 'cojones' or other kind of expressions, but if you know and spend time with him you can see he’s very respectful and only is thinking of the way to help the team."