Javi Gracia currently has no plans to switch Watford for Spain, although the head coach admits he will return to his home country one day in the future.

Speaking to Spanish website Estadio Deportivo, the Hornets' boss said he is enjoying life in Hertfordshire and is currently not thinking about a move away.

"I'll go back to Spain, that's 100 per cent," said Gracia.

"I do not know when, because I have a long contract here.

"You never know what's going to happen, but I'll come back. Although right now I don't even think about it.

"I like to enjoy my profession and I believe that here, on a daily basis, I have very good conditions to do it.

"Five fields at my disposal, a training centre, very private, very welcoming, with many possibilities and I also have a team with which to compete in the Premier League.

"On a professional level it is a challenge and also a very nice opportunity to develop my profession. Apart from this, I believe that the living conditions are good, my family is comfortable, my children also. Those are the most important things."

Gracia spoke of his time at Watford and how he feels he has broken the mould of the club consistently replacing their coaches.

The Spaniard said he believes it gives him more authority and helps him earn the respect of his players.

He said: "Yes, it's something that goes out of the ordinary. The list of coaches in recent years is extensive and it is not usual for a coach to start a second season.

"It had not happened for many years. It is not usual to renew the contract as I did for four more years.

"What it does is reinforce you, not only internally but also externally. It gives you an authority in front of players, and they will say, 'hey, this coach is going to be here longer, it's not going to be like the previous ones that have been a short cycle'.

"That generates a little more confidence in your work."

Despite the authority his longer contract gives him, Gracia knows that he is still dependent on results to keep him at the club.

However, the head coach does not dwell too much on matches, good or bad, and instead is focused on just doing his job.

He said: "I try to live my results as normally as I can. I do not want to suffer excessively when things go badly and I refuse to do great eccentricities when we win.

"I want to give normality to my life, normality to my work. I try to be the best possible but nothing more.

"We know that we depend on results and with a long contract you will always be aware of them, so it does not change much my thinking about how long I will be here."

Gracia turned his focus to the FA Cup final this Saturday and said that he would not have dared to predict that their cup run would be this successful at the start of the season.

However, he is proud of his achievements and the way his team has played throughout the campaign and thinks that while on paper, Manchester City may seem like tough opponents, there is always a chance.

"When you start you always expect the best, that the year will be good and that we will enjoy it," said Gracia.

"I do not know if I would dare to say that we were going to play a final, it is something that has come as a consequence of the work of many people.

"It is a moment for the club and the fans to enjoy.

"I don't need more trophies to be happier. I am really happy when I see that our fans feel proud of their team, how they play, how they fight, with better or worse results. It makes me happy that people who trust me for a project feel satisfied at the end of the season.

"We know that it is a great team (Manchester City) and that logically it is complicated, but as much as it frightens us, at this level among professionals there is great respect among all.

"We know that each team has its virtues and its shortcomings, and we must try to do our best and find the best options to win the game."