Just in case you’ve been living in a hole this past month; a gentle reminder that Watford will be challenging Manchester City in the FA Cup final tomorrow.

I’ll say that again; Watford are in the FA Cup final… It’s almost impossible to imagine that something so many of us fans have dreamt about since we became supporters could actually happen on Saturday. I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve pictured Deeney lifting the trophy alongside Gomes, with a dejected Pep Guardiola looking on in envy.

It’s all starting to sink in now. Earlier this week I travelled to Watford to get my FA Cup final emblem transferred onto my shirt and only then did it truly hit home. Watford FC, our club, will be competing in the final of the greatest domestic cup competition in the world. 736 clubs took part in this year’s FA Cup and we’re in the final two. I’m sure you’ve all had that moment, where the thought of winning the cup just sinks in and it sends shivers down your spine and gives you an enormous sense of pride that it could be your club lifting it. That’s been me this past week. I’ve been a nightmare to the people around me, everything I’ve said and done has been about this game, like a child at Christmas time.

Whilst of course the thought of us lifting our first ever major trophy is beyond exciting, the challenge that lies before us is gargantuan. You won’t need reminding that Manchester City have already won both the Carabao Cup and were crowned Premier League champions last weekend. Should they win the FA Cup they will be the first side ever to win the domestic treble.

If we put our realistic hat on for just one tiny second, we’ll all admit that the chances of us being victorious are not in our favour. Whilst of course no one wants to lose in a major final, someone has to, but in a month of historical comebacks it’s a gentle reminder that anything is possible.

Regardless of the score, Saturday is your reward for sticking by your team through thick and thin. For continuing to turn up and support the team when we were on the brink of administration in 2009. For seeing the light at the end of the tunnel during Bassini’s reign in 2011, for knowing it will get better and never doubting, never wavering in your loyalty.

It is our chance to show the world how proud we are to support such a wonderful club.

We’re not a big club, we’re not a glamorous or remotely famous club, but the love that we all share for it unites us and that’s what we need tomorrow if we’re to beat City; unity.

If we are to win this game, which I believe we have every chance of doing, we do it together. The atmosphere created in the stands does make a difference to the players on the pitch, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. On Saturday you need to be louder than you’ve ever been before. If you don’t leave Wembley Stadium with a hoarse voice you didn’t sing loud enough.

An FA Cup final is potentially a once in a lifetime opportunity, so embrace the occasion; buy that bit of memorabilia, take plenty of photos with your family and friends on the day and don’t be afraid to let your emotions show. During my commute home earlier this week I decided to listen to ‘Abide With Me’ for the first time before this weekend and I had great difficulty in trying to hold back my tears in front of strangers.

I’ll tell you now, I’m going to be an emotional wreck from about 4.45pm until full time tomorrow and I’m not ashamed. If you want to cry, cry, a lot of us probably will, it’s something only football fans will ever truly understand. If you want to dance, dance. If you want to sing, sing and if you want to get so mind-numbingly drunk and jump in the pond, then that’s okay too.

FA Cup final day is our day, so don’t be afraid to express your love for this club, show the entire world what we’re about and do not give up hope.

I’m prepared for heartbreak, a defeat would crush me, but I won’t let that get in the way of wearing my heart on my sleeve, shamelessly allowing the tears to roll down my cheek and being foolish enough to dream that we could win our first ever major trophy.

We can win. We will win. We all just need to believe and keep the faith.

In Javi we trust.

You ‘Orns!