Javi Gracia told his players that they can come back stronger from their FA Cup final defeat to Manchester City.

In the dressing room after the match, the head coach told his players that sometimes teams need to lose in order to win and that this defeat could help them improve next season.

Striker Andre Gray spoke about his side's performance following the heavy loss and said that Gracia had little else to say in the game's immediate aftermath.

"As you'd expect, I'm obviously disappointed, it's hard to put into words really," he said.

"I thought we got battered in the end - the scoreline doesn't lie.

"We've just got to take it as one of those things and the gaffer said it, sometimes you've got to lose to win and that's how we need to take it now and just come back next year a lot stronger.

"That was it, really, it's hard for him to say anything, isn't it."

The Hornets found themselves on the end of a 6-0 defeat at the hands of City, but things might have been different had Roberto Pereyra taken an early chance to open the scoring.

However, Gray does not believe that the outcome would have changed too much had the Argentine scored and said Watford were simply beaten by "the best".

"We still conceded six goals, so looking back now I don't know if it would have made any difference," he admitted.

"It was very early in the game as well so it's hard to say, but obviously we've come across a better team today, clearly.

"They probably run more than any other team in the league as well. I think you've seen it today and it's just evident, the difference.

"For me they're by far the best. Again, stats don't lie, trophies don't lie and that's how it is."

When asked if City's significant financial advantage had helped them achieve an historic first ever domestic treble, the striker said that, while it may play some part, their ability on the pitch is much more important.

He said: "It's the quality of the players, it's not just about the money, it's the way they play, the way they press."