The new chairman of Kings Langley Danny Perman thinks the club need to stabilise and become sustainable before any realistic push for promotion can be mounted.

This week it was announced that Perman would take over from Jeremy Wilkins after he decided to step down from the role.

Perman played for the club in the mid-90s and has been involved in the club in one way or another for the past 25 years.

Now he says he wants to bring everybody related to the club closer together, while keeping the club sustainable.

"I think the idea of me coming in is I’m a people person," he said.

"I wasn’t too sure that I’d be chairman material, but I’m a people person and I’m looking to get the club and everybody engaged together.

"Jeremy’s basically stepping down from this role, but will still be giving the club just as much as he always has.

"He’s obviously done a fantastic job in taking the club forward over the last couple of years and will continue albeit not as the chairman.

"Hopefully I am just the start of moving forward and getting a few more people on the committee because the two chaps that have been the main guys in there have done an awful lot taking the club forward.

"It now needs some more people to carry the club on and keep the club at this level, which is our number one target because obviously we’re playing at a very high level of football.

"That maybe is not necessarily what everybody wants to hear.

"Obviously last season was fantastic, possibly a little bit unrealistic on what we had, but we gave it a good go.

"It’s not to say that we’re not ambitious, but the club needs to stabilise a bit

"It’s going to be difficult because towards the end of last season there was a little bit more money thrown at it, but that can’t be sustained from the start of the next season, which is probably where there was some mixed feelings in regards to Steve Conroy carrying on which is a huge shame.

"Moving forward the club has got to be sustainable and being only a small club we’ve got to be within the funds we’ve got to take it forward."

Following Conroy's departure, Perman said that the appointment of the right candidate was imperative for them to achieve their short-term goals of sustainability, as was assembling the right squad.

The chairman said that he and the committee were making there way through applications at the moment, of which he said there were many.

"There’s obviously been plenty of applicants for the job as you always do get, loads of people throwing their hat in the ring, but it’s very important it’s the right person for King’s Langley.

"It's important that they want to be a part of what’s gone on so far and we want that right person that buys into what the club is about which is obviously built on being a very spirited club of people pulling together.

"If you get the right people in and you get the right players in, who knows. We take a lot of confidence from last season, they’re a good group of players there. Not all of whom will be there next season, but hopefully a fair amount of them will and they’re a good group of lads, obviously we’re going to have to add a few and see where it takes us."