New Fluminense president Mario Bittencourt has said he wants to review the contract Joao Pedro has signed with Watford to see if he can keep the starlet in Brazil for a while longer.

The 17-year-old has scored nine goals in his first 15 games in Brazil and has reportedly turned the heads of teams such as Liverpool and Barcelona.

However, the forward signed a deal with Watford in October that will see him move to the Premier League in January 2020, after he turns 18, for a starting fee of around £2million.

Following his recent election victory, Fluminense's new president, who is also a lawyer, spoke to the media in Brazil and said he wants to look at the contract and see if there is any way he can prevent the club's star asset from departing so soon.

Speaking to the Brazilian press, Bittencourt said: "His sale has messed with us all, not just for the sale, but the way the sale was made.

"There is no criticism about the suitability of the sale, which was made without any kind of problem. The point is that the club could have tried another way, another solution, before raffling such a talented player for such a low value.

"I'm going to see the contract. Let's see if there is a possibility to make him stay longer."

Regardless, Joao Pedro's move to Hertfordshire looks to still be firmly on course, with the player's mother and step-father visiting both Vicarage Road and the club's training ground earlier this week, as they came to see where the player is currently due to be playing, come January.