Reece Bellotti believes he can beat anyone with the right preparation, as he looks to plan his path to a world title.

The featherweight knocked out Josue Bendana in the fourth round last Friday at York Hall and said he now has the experience and the patience to work his way to the top.

"I believe I can beat anybody right now, my mentality is that I can go up against anybody," said 'The Bomber'.

"If I can get another two fights in, maybe three, I hope to make it for a title fight by the end of the year.

"I want to take every fight at a little bit more of a slower pace and build myself back up again, but it's a question of having the right fights beneath me first.

"With the Ryan Walsh fight, after the defeat to [Ryan] Doyle I had one six-rounder and then jumped straight back into a title fight against a tough opponent. Looking back at it, I probably should've had another eight-rounder, but the opportunity came and I took it, thinking I would come out of it victorious.

"A defeat's always a setback and my ideal destination would be for a world title. Ideally I wouldn't lose again now until I box for a world title, obviously every destination isn't straight forward, hence why you do take knocks and defeats, but I don't want to lose any more."

On the night, Bellotti was pleased with his performance and said he produced the type of victory that attracts people to his fights.

The Watford-boxer ended the fight with a left hook to the body after a dominant display and now wants to maintain his momentum.

"It felt really good to be back and to just soak in the atmosphere and get a good win," said Bellotti.

"It's always a bonus to get the knockout, it's why people like my style of fighting, and it's why people pay to come and see me.

"I wasn't exactly looking for the knockout, I knew it was going to be tough and the game plan was to work the body reasonably early on. I did hit him in the first round with a body shot and I could see that he didn't really like it and I thought to myself I'd wear him down slowly and try to get another blow to the body later on. I caught him with a nice shot and it was over.

"When you get one of those body shots that take a while to sink in, you know it's quite painful, so once he went down I didn't think he would get back up and if he did, I would've gone back down there and it would've been over soon after.

"I'm hoping to get out again soon - I know Eddie's [Hearn] got a few shows, but I haven't been hassling him much, I know he's busy. There's a few rumours been mentioned and he said he's got a couple of good fights lined up for me, but he's not mentioned who or what they were, so hopefully within the next couple of weeks he'll contact me and tell me what they are, so I can see which way I'm going to go."