Ben Foster thinks Watford are better off for having a low-key pre-season rather than going further afield for a big tour.

The Hornets' goalkeeper told the club website he was enjoying his time in Austria and did not believe there was much benefit to the squad in going on a big tour to Asia or America as other Premier League clubs opt to do.

Up in the picturesque European mountains, Foster thinks the side are taking a more relaxing approach to regaining their fitness ahead of the upcoming campaign.

“The big Asia tours don’t really appeal to me,” he said.

“We’ve come to Austria, the same place, the same hotel as last year. It’s a lovely place. The training ground is great, it’s a really nice set-up, it’s a lovely setting and there are mountains everywhere and stuff to keep you occupied.

"It’s exactly what you need and you can just focus on getting fitness in your legs and there are no temptations. You are not going out to be in bars and stuff.” 

Despite the setting being relaxed, the goalkeeper insists that the pre-season work is having its desired effect.

Watford got off to a brilliant start in the league last season and Foster believes the work put in during the summer played a big part in that.

The keeper believes things have changed during his long career, but while they may be less strenuous now, he feels they have improved.

“Javi’s pre-seasons are pretty good to be fair,” said Foster.

“The outfield players work very hard and that was the one of the big pluses from last season in the way we started. We were so supremely fit.

"The lads just get on with and I’ve been at some clubs where people moan. You still get your moaners but here the lads just do it and that’s a credit to them.

"We have double sessions, a single session on a Saturday and then off on the Sunday to recover. That’s needed as everyone is on their hands and knees by the end of the week.

"The first three weeks are pretty hard as you’ve just had six or seven weeks off. You do your treadmill stuff, your gym stuff when you are off, or in my case preparing yourself by cycling up mountains, but nothing can prepare you for that first week and the aches that come with it.

"It’s a big shock to the system. It eases off after three weeks and you are then double session, single session, double session.”

"We used to be running up mountains and stuff – it was horrible, so it’s definitely changed.

“The goalkeepers now have their own schedule and it’s fairly separate from the players. We’ll always join in towards the end when it comes to doing games and six-a-sides."