Watford left-back Jose Holebas has stated that he will return to Germany once his time as a footballer is up, but that he will look for a career outside of the sport.

Following the Hornets' victory over Bayer Leverkusen, the former Greek international told German site Sportbuzzer he does not see the value in returning to Germany to play football, where in his opinion, the game is not as competitive as other countries.

"I'm sure I'm going back to Germany - but definitely not for football," he said.

"I'm completely away from football after that. I will watch a bit the games of my cousin's son, who plays for the Kickers Offenbach youth team, and that's enough for me.

"Nobody wants to go to play in Germany anymore.

"Who there is still doing great? Of course, there are clubs like Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen or Schalke - although they are not big at the moment, but my wife is a Schalke fan. That's why I pay a bit more attention to them.

"You have only four or five good clubs in Germany, then nothing after that."

Holebas was also critical of the way he believes clubs in Germany dismiss players because of their age rather than their ability.

The full-back, who played for 1860 Munich for three years, said he still feels fit at the age of 35, but that in the Bundesliga he would not be given the chance to prove himself.

The defender has one year remaining on his current contract at Vicarage Road, but did not rule out staying in Watford for longer.

"I still do everything as I did at the beginning of my career and eat a burger in the evening," he said.

"That's just part of it. I'm more of a fighter and can not be lazy. In training I can not spare myself and give only 50 percent.

"I go in and do additional work in the gym. If you pay a little attention to your body, you can play up to 40 at this level. But many do not do that.

"Let's see how much longer I can last as a footballer - if I'm still fit, I don't care if I'm 38, 39 or 40 years old.

"That's another thing in Germany. They'll stamp you off at the age of 31 and think you're too old.

"This always plays too much in the minds of people in Germany. That's just not the case anymore - there is no age left in football. There are so many players who are 34 or 35 who still bring top performances."

In contrast, Holebas spoke fondly about the Premier League's competitive nature, but also said he believed the intensity of the division left it at a disadvantage when compared with the rest of Europe.

"It's a much bigger challenge than anywhere else," said Holebas.

"You can't compare clubs in the Premier League with others in Europe. In the Premier League, each club has money and a clever player does not have to be at a top club to earn real money, as is maybe the case in Germany or Spain.

"Of course there are games like Burnley vs. Bournemouth, but I can only say to everyone: 'Come on'.

"Sometimes football does not look great, but football in England is different. From a tactical point of view, it may not be the best league in the world, but the speed, physique and fitness are more demanding than in other leagues.

"Although the past season has been very successful for the English teams, I see them as disadvantaged. The league is so intense, there are many more games and no winter break. These are challenges that teams from Germany, Spain or Italy do not have to face."