Javi Gracia has said he is spending more time than usual thinking about Watford following their poor start to the season.

The Hornets' head coach said he was not quite losing sleep over the current predicament, but that he was more focused on trying to find a solution to their current problems.

After defeat to Everton last week and a humbling at home to Brighton the week before, Watford appear to be stuck in something of a rut, but the head coach believes it is simply a question of striking the right balance in his squad.

"I usually sleep four or five hours, no more," said Gracia.

"Less than four hours is impossible.

"When you don't win you think more time about that, the solution, about changing the team, the players, the shape.

"You try to look for the way to improve, but it's my job. I spend all the time I can on it and after that, it's all I can do.

"It's better for me to try to keep the same behaviour, winning or losing, in the best moments and in the  worst moments, for me, it's the best way to do your job.

"In the last games we didn't score, we have to find the balance. It's true, if you analyse different games, some we created chances to score but didn't do it.

"We have to improve defensively because as well we are not so consistent like we were in the last games."

Gracia admitted that the defeats had affected morale around the training ground, but also said that such an impact is normal.

He remains confident his players have what it takes to turn their form around.

"When you win, you're happier than when you lose," he said.

"It's normal in life, not only here, or in a football team, always when you win and things are good everyone is happier in this moment.

"They're good professionals and they are concentrating on the next game, it's the only way to change the dynamic and get a result in the next game.

"The only way I know is to work hard and try to play well.

"I told the players, I think we don't play well because we're a good team, we're a good team because we play well. We have to do many things well and improve many things.

"We have to attack, we have to defend. We've done it before and we have to recover all these things. 

"In the last game we lost but there were many positives - we have to keep the good things and try to improve many others."