Quique Sanchez Flores is not dwelling too much on his previous success with Watford, as he tries to remain focused on the task ahead of him.

The Spaniard has returned to Vicarage Road to find a team at the bottom of the league, with just one point from a possible 12, who have conceded eight goals and scored just two of their own.

The returning head coach knows he has a tough job ahead of him and said this is not the time to be sentimental about the past.

“This was an amazing time, but I think three years in football is too much,” he said.

“Now we can leave the memories we have from that moment. It was an amazing year, this year is in our memory. Now the most important thing is what happens on Sunday, what happens with the new squad.

“It’s completely different and the responsibility is really hard because we need to come back with some good results and hopefully a good level.

“I have good memories - we want this kind of energy and these kinds of emotions, but right now we need to be realistic and to know that this situation is something we need many matches to go forward.

“The most interesting thing is to realise what is the situation and to try to save, to try to solve and then we can think about more things.”

Some similarities remain from 2016, when Sanchez Flores departed the club, with some players and the owners still the same.

One of those players is Jose Holebas, who last season revealed he was close to leaving the club under Sanchez Flores’ leadership.

However, the 54-year-old said he thinks his team choices were justified and that there is no reason why the full-back cannot be part of his team now.

He also stated he has maintained a good relationship with Gino Pozzo, to whom he remains grateful for giving him opportunities.

“It’s good to see all of them [players he coached before],” he said.

“There are just four or five of them, but it’s normal in football now, three years later the squads they change completely, so I’m still happy to have some of those players.

“I think when you are manager you need to choose between players - always trying to have sense to your decisions. Now I think, the squad has changed, players change in three years, so we are always easy going and we can understand everything. 

“I can’t say that I had a bad relationship with the owner before. I was really grateful and pleased he gave me the opportunity to come to the Premier League and he’s the one who gave me the second opportunity to come to the Premier League, so the only thing I can be is grateful and pleased for Gino.

“I’m really happy to prove how the team has grown in the last years.”

After stepping in to take over from Gracia, Sanchez Flores acknowledged the situation and said he felt sad for his compatriot.

However, he said it was all just part of the modern game and is something all coaches are aware of.

“I respect what Javi has done,” he said.

“It was a sad situation for Javi, it’s something that all the coaches have, this kind of risk. Always in football we are all in this kind of position, but I know how it’s working, Javi is as well. 

“We are always sacrificed for the results, it’s the new football.

“It’s about results in a short time. We know it’s like this so we need to just focus on the next match.”