Quique Sanchez Flores has said it is possible Manchester City could give Watford another footballing lesson on Saturday, but that he hopes his experience can prevent it.

In the last two years, City have beaten the Hornets 6-0 on two separate occasions, while you have to look back to 1989 to find a Watford win.

However, Sanchez Flores said he loves preparing for big games like this and hopes his experience will help the Hornets compete.

"It's a possibility, of course, always a possibility," said the head coach of Manchester City scoring six again.

"You can score six, you can concede six. When you're playing against the huge huge teams, they have a lot of ways to find the goal and score and everything.

"But this is not my mentality, I love to play against the big teams. If you take my history of playing against big teams, I love to prepare these kind of matches.

"I prepare exactly the same, but when you need to prepare to play against the big ones, you need to find something else - you need to be really really experienced.

"Sometimes against the huge teams, I lost, sometimes the difference was high, sometimes we go to win and when you go to win against this kind of teams, the experience and feelings, they're amazing. It's what we're looking for from the next match. If we don't get it, we'll try the next one."

Ahead of tomorrow's game, Sanchez Flores reflected on his previous time as Watford head coach and in particular two games against City and Tottenham where his side performed well, but were unluckly to end up beaten sides.

The boss said he has learnt from those games and knows it is important to try and get something else from the match, if a win is not possible.

"To be competitive is the key," he said. 

"We were able to play like this, four years ago, we were very competitive. 

"In a short space of time we lost against Manchester and we lost also at home against Tottenham in the same way. We were really close to them, we were really confident we want to win in the last five minutes and we concede on a counter attack or a cross and we lost, so yes, the lesson for all this kind of thing is you need to be clever.

"Also against Arsenal, until the last moment we tried to win the match, but there's a moment. Sometimes if you don't win, it's necessary to know the result is good, you need to be clever."