Watford head coach Quique Sanchez Flores is not concerned by his side's low conversion rate so far this season. 

The Hornets have the worst goals to shots ratio in the Premier League, despite only two teams in the division having more shots on goal from the opening five matches, with Liverpool scoring 15 from 91 shots and this weekend's opponents Manchester City scoring 16 from 102.

Currently, Watford have scored just four goals from 86 shots, averaging a goal every 21.5 attempts, the worst rate in the league, behind Crystal Palace's one goal every 16.6 shots and Aston Villa's rate of a goal for every 13.75 strikes. 

Nevertheless, Sanchez Flores remains optimistic about the number of shots his side have created and is more interested in creating a balance in his squad instead.

"If Arsenal or if Liverpool or City they shoot 31 times, they will have a lot of options to score," he said.

"They choose this kind of players between the best players and then they have the possibility to score a lot. For us, it was necessary for us to know we are able to do that.

"If we are able to do that, why are they not going to do it another time? It's difficult to repeat this kind of numbers. We try, but it's the balance between attack and defence.

"If I can choose, probably, I would choose 15 shots, but I don't concede any goals, for me it's okay."

One of Watford's four goals came against Arsenal by pressing the defenders during short goal kicks.

Sanchez Flores said this could be something they will look to do tomorrow against City, but that they need to be more careful when doing it against the Champions.

"I think all of the teams, not just the big teams, all of the teams are using a little bit the new rule to use this kind of high pressure.

"Before it was a bit more difficult because you needed to keep more space, now it's inside the box, so it's a little bit easier to terminate this kind of pressure.

"With this kind of team you need to take care, even they have a very good shot with the goalkeeper, he has a very long shot, he's able to put the ball practically in the other box, you need to take care about that."